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Simple Yet Powerful,
The VegaWallet Exchange

A New Trading Experience, geared for beginners and easy to understand. Pair your VegaWallet Digital Asset Wallet for an extra layer of fund security!

Amazing Features

What Makes VegaWallet The Best?

We take total user experience and security measures into consideration when designing and developing every part of our platform. We've gone over the top with our exchange to bring users the best option available.

BitGo Custody Solutions

VegaWallet has teamed up with BitGo to provide best in class custody options for our users. Bitgo offers Multi-Sig integration paired with the industry's best cold wallet solutions and insurance coverage.

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Pair Your Wallet

VegaWallet uses a specially designed integrated database in order to allow users to pair their separate VegaWallet applications with their exchange accounts. This means instant transfers and lower fees than our competitors.

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Improved VGW Utilities

The VegaWallet Token also plays a vital role to our exchange and allows new and promising companies to gain free listing. It also allows users to save 50% off trading fees and more!

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Get Early Access Today!

The VegaWallet Exchange will be going live shortly. All VegaWallet users will be given early access to the exchange. Download VegaWallet's Mobile or Desktop Wallet today and instantly get added to the list!

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Beautifully Designed

The Perfect Exchange For Everyone

Beautifully Designed

VegaWallet thought long and hard about how we wanted our native exchange to look and function. We've put a large focus on easy to follow process flows to make things simple for beginners and veterans alike.

Always Updating

The VegaWallet team will continue to provide security and functionality updates to our native exchange after launch. We have some huge things planned for our exchange in regards to other parts of our platform as well.

Trade With The VegaWallet TokeN

List Your Token Against Our Token For Free

Free VGW Listing Pairs For Select Tokens

The Team at VegaWallet realizes that there are many promising projects in this growing space who may not have the funds to pay exorbitant listing fees charged by many other platforms. ERC20 tokens may be eligible for free listing on our native exchange.

Create A Community

The VegaWallet team will continue to provide marketing services for your project on social media and other outlets in order to help build a solid community. We may even offer listing to our native wallet application depending on growth.

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