Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Common Questions

Q: What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a new form of virtual currency in which banks are replaced with blockchain ledger technology. Cryptocurrency provides a border less and "ungoverned" means of transacting worldwide between any two parties. Fees for cryptocurrency transactions are also a fraction of traditional means and some transactions verify instantly like Dash. Please read up on cryptocurrency before using our platform

Q: What Is VegaWallet?

VegaWallet is the complete cryptocurrency platform. We provide everything from our 'hybrid multi-sig enabled' wallet, easy to use exchange, open source point of sale system, and NFC mobile payment solution. The VegaWallet Token (VGW) runs the backbone of our system and provides many different utilities for our users. Please read our white paper for more detailed information.

Q: Where Is VegaWallet Available?

VegaWallet is free to download on Google Play or The App Store. We currently do not function in the state of New York and countries who face sanctions like Iran or North Korea. Some services through VegaWallet are only available for users in certain approved locations. Please follow all local laws and regulations when using our platform.

Q: What Are VegaWallet Tokens?

The VegaWallet Token (VGW) was designed as a true utility token for our full cryptocurrency platform. It provides several different perks for users of our complete cryptocurrency platform. You can view more about the VegaWallet Token here. Users can also view more information such as pricing, markets, and more on VGW's CoinMarketCap page here.

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2. Using VegaWallet

Q: How Does VegaWallet Work?

Our wallet uses BitGo Multi-Signature Implementation to keep user funds safe. Users create an account which generates wallet addresses for currencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, VGW, ZEC, XLM, & XRP. VegaWallet believes in user privacy and delivers the users private keys upon account verification. It is your responsibility to keep these keys safe in case of account recovery. We do not keep these keys on file.

Q: What Features Does VegaWallet's Secure Application Provide?

VegaWallet offers multiple different services within our mobile and desktop digital asset wallets. These services range from displaying the latest cryptocurrency related news and helping tutorials to exchange features and fiat on-ramps. We pride ourselves in offering a complete system and feel that we offer the most comprehensive all-in-one system when combined with our other products.

Note: Users must abide by third party terms when using third party services like our fiat on-ramps and external exchange services. Please reach out to that companies specific support If you experience any issues while using these integrations.

Q: Can I Access The Same Account From Desktop And Mobile?

VegaWallet works on a username basis. Just download the mobile application or desktop wallet and either enter your user information or create a new account. Then save your private keys somewhere safe! You can access any of our products including the exchange using the same username and password. VegaWallet does not have access to your private wallet accounts at anytime.

Q: What Is Wrong With My Transaction?

If your recent deposit amount is not reflected in your balance, please to verify the following items:
1) You have entered the correct deposit address.
2) The the VegaWallet exchange hosts that specific token. Please verify the contract address.
3) The amount you have deposited is above the minimum deposit amount for that respective asset.
4) There was enough 'gas' for your transaction (Ethereum etc.)
5) You have not waited long enough. Some deposits may take longer due to server connectivity or network congestion.
6) We may currently be experiencing technical difficulties, testing security protocols, or doing updates.
Please verify on our Telegram page.

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Q: Can I Add The VegaWallet Token To Other Wallets?

You will have to add VGW Tokens as a custom token. Please note, even if you have not done it yet, the withdrawal will be successful. You just won't be able to successfully view your VGW balance in their browser. You will have to add the following details to the Find Tokens or Add Account interfaces.
1) Contract - 0x94236591125e935f5ac128bb3d5062944c24958c
2) Name - VGW
3) Decimals - 5

Q: What Are Network Fees?

Blockchain based cryptocurrencies often have network fees. These fees help to verify the legitimacy of transactions and have no affiliation to VegaWallet. Please make sure you are exchanging or sending an amount large enough to cover these small fees or your funds may be lost forever. Always ensure to account for network fees when sending a payment.

Q: Can I Cancel My Transaction?

Blockchain transactions can not be returned, please verify your wallet address before sending any funds. Never send funds to what appears to be a scam.

Q: How Long Will It Take My Transaction To Process?

Transaction processing time has many factors. Most transactions will post quickly. Dash Instant Send capabilities allow transactions to be posted within one second. Please allow up to 30 minutes for your transaction to complete and be verified for blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum depending on network congestion. Larger transactions may take extra time.

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3. The VegaWallet Exchange

Q: What Digital Assets Will VegaWallet's Exchange Support?

VegaWallet will start with the main coins or tokens that have previously been paired with $USD. More popular coins/tokens in the top 100 market cap will also be added regularly. We will be starting with the 8 assets supported in our wallet application with major trading pairs including: BTC,. ETH, and VGW.

Q: Can I List My Coin Or Token On VegaWallet?

We do support external listings. VegaWallet has a unique stance on exchange listings compared to many other major platforms. We realize that many amazing projects with great potential may not be able to pay an exorbitant listing fee. If our team feels that your platform meets all guidelines and shows promise and ambition we will offer free listing against our VGW trading pair (ERC20 Tokens Only). If your coin requires custom nodes, we only ask your team to cover implementation costs. We will then provide social media and marketing support to show the world your new project. All supported assets will have to pass anti-security tests in compliance with Malta's "VFA" guidelines. Apply to list here.

Q: Does The VegaWallet Exchange Have Public API's?

Our documentation will be available for the public shortly after launch.

Q: What Payment Methods Does VegaWallet Support?

In order to buy or sell digital assets on our platform customers must first be KYC verified. Once verification is submitted and accepted customers will be able to use most major credit cards. Withdraws will also be processed through bank and card information the user has on file. ACH processes will also be available for certain users.

Q: How Do I Deposit And Withdraw Funds?

You can access the withdraw tab on the VegaWallet.io Exchange Trading Interface. Please paste the address that you would like to send that specific token to, enter the amount, and press send. You will have to enter any 2FA information ( If enabled on your account ) in order to verify the transaction.

To Deposit funds just press the deposit button and send funds to the specific address displayed on your screen. Make sure to only send that specific coin to that address or your funds may be lost forever. Please always verify addresses when depositing and withdrawing!

You can also send and receive funds from the VegaWallet Mobile Application to our internal exchange for free.

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4. Point Of Sale / VegaWallet For Business

Q: Is VegaWallet For Business Open Source?

The API's and all point of sale and payment capabilitites have been made public to hopefully increase the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. All endpoints and integrations will however need to be linked to VegaWallet's backend in order to provide the correct wallet creations and security integrations that we promise our users.

Q: What Does This Service Cost?

VegaWallet charges a very minimal 0.2% per transactions, which is the cheapest among large competitors by far. This fee only applies to cryptocurrency transactions upon transfer to main wallets from the payment system. We will also be offering more advanced features in the near future like inventory control, employee management/payroll, and more in return for VGW Tokens.

Q: Can I Also Accept Credit Cards And Debit Cards?

Yes, depending on your locality. VegaWallet has partnered with multiple different payment processors to allow merchants the ability to accept traditional merchant payment types. We feel this step is necessary in creating the bridge to a world full of cryptocurrency payments and will help to keep your conversion percentage up. We also offer several different software and hardware options through these companies as well.

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