About Us

VegaWallet Is A Global Leader In Providing Real-World Applications For Blockchain Based Payment Protocols. Our Mission Is To Create A Simple & Secure System That Helps To Introduce An Increased Amount Of Users To The World Of Cryptocurrency.

Our Goals & Values

The use of cryptocurrency provides the ability to break borders and promises a prosperous future. At VegaWallet we strive to implement the global usage of cryptocurrency and be the main driving force behind a superior financial system. Our objective is to provide a substitution to traditional debit and credit card transactions with our mobile application which will allow users to function as their own bank. Substituting our low cost, highspeed cryptocurrency technology for traditional banking allows us to tap into the mobile money market. We take security very seriously, therefore our platforms security features and ease of use will allow us to move into high-end retail and more regulated markets such as healthcare.
We will create a unique and efficient system by combining several necessary elements of cryptocurrency into one advanced platform. VegaWallet and VegaPay products and services are built for real-world applications and mass adoption. Our services will provide a secure and easy to use gateway for personal and business use anywhere funds are exchanged.

We maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity in our business practices and treat our customers, business partners and employees courteously, professionally and with respect and dignity. Technological innovation and service to our customers will always be our highest priorities.

“We built VegaWallet from the ground up in order to provide one of the most comprehensive systems available. Our focus on not only consumers but businesses too is a necessity most companies overlook in this ecosystem. We look forward to leading this financial revolution!”
Tarek Hajri — Founder And CEO of VegaWallet
Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Our team brings decades of experience in fintech, cyber-security, healthcare and other fields in need of a new payment solution.

Tarek Hajri
Founder & CEO
"Our Team brings decades of Executive Management experience in fintech, software development, and the healthcare payments & benefit management fields. We feel our complete combined experience will help develop the best ‘A to Z’ cryptocurrency solution."
Jacob Ballou
"We all know good design makes good business. Our team actively listened to the cryptocurrency community during production and the result is stunning. With flawless work flows and continuously upgrading systems we can guarantee you will like what we offer. I know I do!"
Brenda Waiter
Legal & Compliance Officer
"We want to harness the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts for our business partners, while safe guarding the integrity and transparency of our systems and processes."
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VegaWallet boasts an immense development and advisory staff. We use a "decentralized" team to bring experience and technique from all over the world. Our team can be found at the bottom of our white paper.
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