Introducing The VegaWallet Token

A Powerful Utility Token To Run The Backbone Of VegaWallet's Ecosystem

The VegaWallet Token, otherwise known as VGW, is based on the Ethereum
ERC-20 Protocol.

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ReaL-World use cases

The VegaWallet Token was designed as a true utility token for our full cryptocurrency platform. Please read our white paper for all features.

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50% Discount On Trading Fees

The VGW Token acts as a main trading pair on our platform. It provides a 50% commission discount while using the VegaWallet exchange.

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Free VGW Listing Pair

VegaWallet realizes that many excellent platforms need help getting on their first exchange. Approved tokens are eligible to be listed against VGW for free on our easy-to-use exchange. We even provide marketing and development support to grow your cause!

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Free Transfers And Withdraws

VegaWallet will never charge a withdraw fee for VGW Tokens from our exchange to any account to improve it's potential store of value. Did you know that we also provide instant transfers from your VegaWallet account to your exchange account (and vice-versa).

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VegaWallet Rewards And Loyalty Program

Looking For A Way To Improve Customer Conversion?

VegaWallet’s Point of Sale offers a rewards system based on the VGW token. This system will automatically be accessible to any user buying products or services at VegaWallet merchants. With each purchase made through our system, they will receive VGW tokens through smart contracts instead of using an outdated rewards platform.

“Loyalty and rewards programs help to retain customers and provide an essential marketing tool in today’s world. However, most of these programs can cost thousands of dollars to implement making them out of reach for most small retailers.”
Jacob Ballou
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Unlock VegaWallet's Advanced Business Back End With VGW Tokens
Cost To Be Determined
per month
billed annualy
Deposit The Requested Amount Of VegaWallet Tokens For Access To Advanced Back End System
Create Employee Identities And Payroll Sheets. Choose To Pay Partial Or Whole Salaries In Cryptocurrency
Advanced Business Metrics To Track Sales And More
Track Your Inventory Through Decentralized Databases Using Dash Evolution's Integration With VegaWallet
Audit And Tax Preparation. Keep Track Of Business Expenses And Abide By Local Guidelines
Ability To Request Cross Chain Payment Transactions Through Dash Evolution's Integration With VegaWallet
Advanced VGW Rewards & Loyalty Program ( Basic Included For Free With All Payment Systems)
Back End Coming Soon
Legal Note: The VGW Token does not pay dividends of any kind, enable holders to vote on company matters or control the company in any way. We promise no profit though our VGW Token program and abide by all "VFA" guidelines.

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