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We realize not everyone is an expert when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Use this page as a learning tool for simple interactions and use cases.

1. Account Security

Q: How Do I Keep My Account Safe?

VegaWallet allows users to secure their account with One-Time Email Passwords, Pin Codes, Strict Recovery Guidelines, and Suggested Re-Login Requests. Users can set all security options on the “Settings” tab located at the bottom of your screen. Never share your username, password, passphrase or private keys with anyone. VegaWallet does not keep your information in an accessible record as we believe it is the user’s right to stay in control of their own assets. If you feel that your account has been compromised please contact our support team and change your password & pin. Also make sure to keep a pin-lock on your phone and we suggest not leaving the VegaWallet application on your home screen in order to draw unwanted attention to your digital asset portfolio. If you are in a public place using VegaWallet please enter “Private Mode” by clicking on the red wallet balance card located on the dashboard. We also suggest using a specific email for all cryptocurrency related activity to protect personal information.

Q: Passphrase And Recovery Keys

Your passphrase and recovery key are your sole responsibility to keep safe in the event of necessary account recovery. If you are asked to recover your account or you are accessing VegaWallet from a different platform you will be asked to enter this information. Never share your private keys with anyone! Treat your recovery key like you would a safety deposit box key. Please make sure to keep your private key and passphrase in a safe location, preferably offline! If your private key storage space is compromised and you feel there may have been a breach it may be best to transfer your funds to a different VegaWallet account. We DO NOT keep private keys and passphrases on file, please do not lose them!

Q: Has Your Account Been Compromised?

Please fill out and submit a customer support form. Please provide a detailed explanation on how the hack happened, blockchain links of all wallets involved, and a signed NDA agreeing to obey non-disclosure standards for our platform. If applicable VegaWallet will work with local law enforcement, however a police report must be filed within 24 hours of the original transaction.

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2. Sending And Receiving

Q: Receiving Cryptocurrency

To receive an asset go to “Wallets” and click on the supported asset you would like to receive. This will bring you to that specific asset’s wallet page. Please click on the “Receive” button with the QR code icon.

This will display your QR code and public key for that specific asset’s wallet. Deliver this code to the sender or have them scan your QR code in their wallet. Please confirm they have entered the right address before sending funds to your wallet. Also confirm that they are sending the right asset. If Ethereum is sent to your Bitcoin address, that Ethereum may be lost forever.

Q: Sending Cryptocurrency

To send an asset go to “Wallets” and click on the supported asset you would like to receive. This will bring you to that specific asset’s wallet page. Please click on the “Send” button with the paper plane icon.

You will now be required to enter the address that you would like to send funds to. Please verify that this address is associated with the right coin. If your Bitcoin is sent to an Ethereum address, the funds will be lost forever. You can also decide to scan a user’s QR code as well,

After the address is entered you may input how much of an asset you would like to send by viewing the transaction total in either “crypto” or “$USD”. Some networks may charge small fees so please account for this. Learn more about ERC20 token “gas” in the next tutorial. Please verify all transaction details and ensure you are sending money to someone you trust! Cryptocurrency transactions do not allow charge backs.

Q: Understanding ERC20 (Ethereum Token) Gas

The VegaWallet Token among many other tokens are built on Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol in order to allow what we call “smart contracts” to function. Because these tokens are built on top of Ethereum’s blockchain they require a small amount of Ether (ETH) in order to facilitate transactions. Average gas fees for a transaction amount to around 0.001 (ETH). Please ensure your wallet is stocked with a small amount of this asset in order to facilitate transactions for any ERC20 token. When the transaction is sent the gas fee will then be subtracted from your total (ETH) balance.

Q: View Transaction Details

If you have already sent a transaction or received funds you can click on the general history tab located on the “Dashboard” or the history icon located on each specific wallet page to view incoming and outgoing transactions from your VegaWallet account. Clicking on a specific transaction on the “History” screen will open up a block explorer. This page will allow you to view all details about that specific transaction.

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Q: What Do I Do When I Get "Insufficient Balance" Error?

If a user received an "Insufficient Balance" error please revisit the total spendable amount in your wallet. Always remember that each corresponding blockchain charges different fee rates based on architecture and blockchain network congestion. Sending Bitcoin will require a larger network fee than sending an asset like Dash or Litecoin. Try again with a lesser amount to ensure that the transaction fee can be subtracted from the total remaining balance.

Q: What Are Network Fees?

Blockchain based cryptocurrencies often have network fees. These fees help to verify the legitimacy of transactions and have no affiliation to VegaWallet. Please make sure you are exchanging or sending an amount large enough to cover these small fees or your funds may be lost forever. Always ensure to account for network fees when sending a payment.

Q: Can I Cancel My Transaction?

Blockchain transactions can not be returned, please verify your wallet address before sending any funds. Never send funds to what appears to be a scam.

Q: How Long Will It Take My Transaction To Process?

Transaction processing time has many factors. Most transactions will post quickly. Dash Instant Send capabilities allow transactions to be posted within one second. Please allow up to 30 minutes for your transaction to complete and be verified for blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum depending on network congestion. Larger transactions may take extra time.

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3. The VegaWallet Exchange

Q: Tutorials Will Be Posted Closer To Exchange Launch

Help Center support for the VegaWallet Exchange is coming soon.

Q: Does The VegaWallet Exchange Have Public API's?

Our documentation will be available for the public shortly after launch.

4. Point Of Sale / VegaWallet For Business

Q: Is VegaWallet For Business Open Source?

The API's and all point of sale and payment capabilitites will be made public to hopefully increase the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. All endpoints and integrations will however need to be linked to VegaWallet's backend in order to provide the correct wallet creations and security integrations that we promise our users.

Q: What Does This Service Cost?

VegaWallet charges a very minimal 0.2% per transactions, which is the cheapest among large competitors by far. This fee only applies to cryptocurrency transactions upon transfer to main wallets from the payment system. We will also be offering more advanced features in the near future like inventory control, employee management/payroll, and more in return for VGW Tokens.

Q: Can I Also Accept Credit Cards And Debit Cards?

Yes, depending on your locality. VegaWallet has partnered with multiple different payment processors to allow merchants the ability to accept traditional merchant payment types. We feel this step is necessary in creating the bridge to a world full of cryptocurrency payments and will help to keep your conversion percentage up. We also offer several different software and hardware options through these companies as well.

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