September 20, 2019

Mobile Wallet - Version 3.2


"Going Green" rebrand initiated on mobile wallet and web branding
Introduction of VegaSwap Information for Exchange Launch
Fixed BitGo Enterprise Error affecting certain users
Send & Receive Functionalities overhaul
Several UI/UX updates

June 2, 2019

Mobile Wallet - Version 3.0


All new user interface to improve overall user experience
Dynamic interface changes based on screen resolution to remain perfect
The addition of three new assets: Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), and Ripple's (XRP)
All new tutorials: learn about the fascinating world of blockchain
Send & Receive Functionalities overhaul-
Built-in Address book, save your friends cryptocurrency addresses-
Purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum with your debit card after KYC/AML verification
Built-in decentralized exchange system
Find local cryptocurrency ATM's through CoinFlip & Covault
Easy to read market trends page with updated pricing graphs and information
Beautiful individual wallet pages display balance and pricing information
Privacy mode: hide balances, protect yourself in publci
Detailed transaction history with external links to block explorers.
Language and currency selection (more languages coming soon)
Stay up to date with the latest news from multiple sources
Community and customer support links to stay in touch with the VegaWallet team

March 5, 2019

Mobile Wallet - Version 2.0


Partnership with DASH for InstantSend everyday payments
Improved User Interface
Added Market Trend Data For Each Coin
Added Separate screens for Send and Receive Functions
Added Pin For Easy Account Access
VegaWallet Mobile application is now linked with our Desktop Wallet

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