A True Utility Token

The VegaWallet Token was designed as a true utility token for our full cryptocurrency platform. Please read our white paper for all features.

Free Transfers In Our Platform

Users can transfer VGW tokens from one registered account to another with no additional fees.

Instant Transfers in VegaWallet

All VGW transfers within VegaWallet happen instantly allowing VGW to become the main cryptocurrency on our Point of Sale system.

50% Off All Trading Fees

The VGW Token acts as a main trading pair on our platform. It provides a 50% commission discount while using the VegaWallet exchange.

Rewards and Loyalty Program

Our Point of Sale includes an updated rewards system focused on cryptocurrency. VGW will be the first cryptocurrency provided by this program.

Advanced Point of Sale Features

You can use VGW tokens to access premium features on our advanced Point of Sale system. Ask about our registration bonuses to new companies!

Total VGW Tokens
Ethereum Protocol
Different Use Cases

Trade Your VGW Tokens On Other Popular Exchanges

is a new trading platform that provides businesses and individual traders with Low commissions, Multi-Support, Strong Security, and Open API. P2PB2B is ranked highly on CoinMarketCap.
You can access VGW Trading on P2PB2B.io Here

LAToken acts as one of the best exchanges for new digital assets and tokenized projects. They currently boast a ranking the top 50 on Coin Market Cap for all exchanges world wide.
You can access VGW Trading on LAToken.com Here

Crex24, launched in 2017, is also a featured Coin Market Cap exchange. Their exchange allows for beginners and veterans alike to enter the market with possible secure fiat deposit routes.
You can access VGW Trading on Crex24.com Here

GetBTC was originally invented as a BTC/USD trading hub then switched over to support altcoins and tokens when the market started to grow. This exchange can be tricky for beginners to understand and graphs are displayed in an opposite manner.
You can access VGW Trading on GetBTC.org Here

Stay Updated On VegaWallet Token Information

Cash is out of style.

Vegawallet makes payments safer and easier!

VegaWallet aims to be a complete cryptocurrency platform. Our products and services will cover your journey into cryptocurrency every step of the way. We’ll make it easy to buy and trade, give you a safe place to store it, then provide options for spending it the way you want! All of this is powered by our VGW Token, which helps to instantly transfer your funds in the most secure manner.

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  • Built on the ERC20 Ethereum Protocol
  • Total of 200,000,000 VGW Tokens in Existence
  • VGW is a true utility token that powers our platform
  • The main trading pair on our native exchange
  • The VegaWallet Token extends to 5 decimal points
  • Verified on Etherscan.io - View Smart Contract
  • Seemless integration into all Ethereum platforms