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VegaWallet’s secure/private network along with HIPPA compliance allow us to pursue healthcare based partnerships. Our goal is to streamline services with a focus on maintaining user well-being. Our tested system will be mendable for use in their pharmaceutical benefit management systems. Through our partnership with AscellaHealth and TechSolutionHub, VegaWallet will also help integrate blockchain technology and smart contracts into existing processes to streamline services. These partnerships will help create some of the first blockchain backed healthcare related companies in the world and help create mass adoption for the VegaWallet platform.

*New Advanced Fintech Procedures
*Implementing VGW in Healthcare
*Replacing Old Payment Systems

our main business partners

Vegawallet works with several different industry leaders

DASH is the leading e-commerce and payments-focused digital currency, and the rising alternative to bitcoin. Experiencing significant growth since its beginnings in 2014, Dash is now accepted at more than 4,000 merchants. With over 60 members on the team and a unique blockchain mining and treasury model, Dash is the only major self-funded, self-governed organization in the cryptocurrency industry. This allows for constant development and funding for the entire project.
The Dash Network
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North American Bancard is the nationwide leader in merchant services and payment processing. Trusted by more than 350,000 businesses throughout the U.S. including some of the country's biggest and most well-known brands, we are the credit card processing company that provides quick, efficient, and dependable merchant services solutions to help you grow your business.
North American Bancard
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Transform your business with Payanywhere – the simple and secure way to accept credit cards and manage your business. Providing a robust mobile processing app, integrated online payments capabilities, and live customer support, Payanywhere will take your business where it needs to go.
Payanywhere Applications
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At AscellaHealth, we specialize in creating benefit designs customized to fit your specific needs. Our experienced, customer-focused team will partner with you to provide full-service PBM administration or our tailored standalone options.
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TS&H provides a suite of clinical databases and services from multiple business partners providing pharmacies with the up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information they need to support all healthcare, pharmaceutical and educational objectives.
Tech Solution Hub (TS&H)
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