What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a new form of virtual currency in which banks are replaced with blockchain ledger technology. Please read up on cryptocurrency before using our platform

What Is VegaWallet?

VegaWallet is a complete crypto platform. It provides a cold and hot storage wallet, exchange, point of sale system, and NFC mobile payment solution. Please read our white paper.

Where is VegaWallet Available?

VegaWallet is free to download on Google Play or The App Store. Please follow all local laws and regulations when using our platform.

How Can I Buy VGW Tokens?

Users can acquire VGW Tokens on the VegaWallet Exchange or Mobile Application. You can also buy VGW Tokens on other participating exchanges. (i.e. LAToken, Crex24, etc)

How Can I Use My VGW Tokens?

VGW tokens do not act as securities and can only be used in ways specified in our white paper. Learn more about the VGW Token and it's use cases here.

Where Can I Trade My VGW?

The VGW Token is featured on:
-VegaWallet.io Exchange
-GetBTC.org (and more!)

Our Exchange and Other Transactions

What other coins or tokens will be featured on VegaWallet’s exchange?
VegaWallet will start with the main coins or tokens that have previously been paired with USD. More popular coins/tokens in the top 100 market cap will also be added regularly.

Can I get my coin/token listed on VegaWallet’s exchange?
Yes, please read up on our List-A-Coin program. You can apply here.

What payment methods does VegaWallet accept?
In order to buy or sell digital assets on our platform customers must first be KYC verified. Once verification is submitted and accepted customers will be able to use most major credit cards. Withdraws will also be processed through bank and card information the user has on file.

Can I cancel my transaction?
Blockchain transactions can not be returned, please verify your wallet address before sending any funds. Never send funds to what appears to be a scam.

Why is my wallet address invalid?
If you are having problems with an external wallet please double check your wallet address. To make things simpler use VegaWallet’s application.

What are network fees?
Blockchain based cryptocurrencies often have network fees. These fees help to verify the legitimacy of transactions and have no affiliation to VegaWallet. Please make sure you are exchanging or sending an amount large enough to cover these small fees or your funds may be lost forever.

Why was my payment different than expected?
Always remember to factor in any network or trading fees if not included in your estimate. Some cryptocurrencies also remain volatile and price can change quickly in markets. Do your research before trading.

How long will my transaction take to process?
Transaction processing time has many factors. Most transactions will post quickly. Please allow up to 30 minutes for your transaction to complete and be verified. Larger transactions may take extra time.

Deposits and Withdraws

Where is my deposit?
If your recent deposit amount is not reflected in your balance, please to verify the following items:
1) You have entered the correct deposit address.
2) The the VegaWallet exchange hosts that specific token. Please verify the contract address.
3) The amount you have deposited is above the minimum deposit amount for that respective asset.
4) There was enough 'gas' for your transaction (Ethereum etc.)
5) You have not waited long enough. Some deposits may take longer due to server connectivity or network congestion.
6) We may currently be experiencing technical difficulties, testing security protocols, or doing updates. Please verify on our Telegram page.

How do I Withdraw My Funds?
You can access the withdraw tab on the VegaWallet.io Exchange Trading Interface. Please paste the address that you would like to send that specific token to, enter the amount, and press send. You will have to enter any 2FA information ( If enabled on your account ) in order to verify the transaction.

You can also send and receive funds from the VegaWallet Mobile Application. This provides options for scanning QR codes and more.
***Always verify the address is correct before hitting send.***

How do I add VGW Tokens to My Ether Wallet or MetaMask
You will have to add VGW Tokens as a custom token. Please note, even if you have not done it yet, the withdrawal will be successful. You just won't be able to successfully view your VGW balance in their browser. You will have to add the following details to the Find Tokens or Add Account interfaces.
1) Contract - 0x94236591125e935f5ac128bb3d5062944c24958c
2) Name - VGW
3) Decimals - 5

Wallet and Mobile Payments

How does your wallet work?
Our wallet has a cold and hot storage feature. Hot storage and the exchange are available on the mobile application as well. It currently supports BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH and VGW. Users will be able to transfer funds and keep track of assets easily. For more specifics read our white paper.

Can i keep funds in cold storage and transfer them when needed?
Yes, once cold storage is available users can log into VegaWallet on their desktop to transfer funds between hot and cold storage.

Can i deposit my mining returns into VegaWallet?
VegaWallet is a perfect platform to keep track of all mining returns. Please ensure that the coin or token you are mining is supported by our platform. If not, look for it to be supported in the near future!

Note: Our wallet platform changes public Bitcoin addresses periodically so please ensure if you are using VegaWallet for Bitcoin mining to always check to make sure your deposit address matches. VegaWallet is not responsible for user error.

When will features be available?
Functions are introduced in two phases. Phase one will be active from launch and include our wallet and exchange. After completion of ICO and development, phase two will launch and bring more advanced features. These include but are not limited to: our fully functioning point of sale system, loyalty and rewards program, and our highly anticipated crypto to fiat mobile payment solution. Please look at our roadmap.

How will the mobile payment system work?
VegaWallet will introduce our mobile payment system at the end of phase two. VegaWallet will be able to instantly transfer the desired amount of crypto in your wallet to fiat currency and send it to traditional payment processing terminals using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology on newer generation smartphones. This replaces the need to carry the “crypto debit card” many other start-ups are offering.

Do i have to sign-up?
VGW tokens can be deposited to any ethereum based wallet. However, to use VegaWallet’s features, our exchange, or make a purchase users must create an account.

Is my account secure?
Here at VegaWallet we use two factor authentication technology and will be introducing more security protocols through research and development. Our platform will also be security and breach tested regularly. Cold storage is offline and not subject to internet hazards.

It is the users responsibility to keep all private key information secure

Point of Sale System

What do I need to run VegaWallet’s point of sale system?
We will provide hardware leasing for full systems, however the application itself is free. If you are just looking to accept cryptocurrency it will be available for Mac/PC/IOS/Android. We suggest a larger tablet or computer. We can also deliver special smart terminals for companies wishing to just use the PayAnywhere application VegaWallet provides through our partners.

How does hardware leasing for point of sale terminals work?
VegaWallet is currently sourcing inventory to offer this service. Please check back for further information.

Note: If you wish to run PayAnywhere's Smart Terminal or use a wireless credit card reader in addition to our platform please contact us or fill our the application form on our Products page.

Will VegaWallet’s point of sale system accept credit and cash as well?
With the proper add ons VegaWallet will accept any form of payment.

Will customers of locations running the VegaWallet point of sale system be able to also purchase cryptocurrency?
Yes, stores will be able to offer the options to purchase cryptocurrency. This purchase will either come from the stores wallet or the VegaWallet exchange. Users will need a KYC verified VegaWallet account to complete this transaction.

Can the point of sale system also do other things?
Yes! It can help keep track of employees and inventory as well. The VGW loyalty and rewards program will also be accessible for any business to use.

How will the VGW loyalty and rewards program work?
Companies can use the VGW loyalty and rewards system as a marketing tool. It replaces traditional rewards systems with a cryptocurrency backed system. It will run off of the VGW token. Companies can stock up and choose when our how much to send back. A reward the customer can use almost anywhere is guaranteed to keep them coming back and show positive results.

Will VegaWallet work for e-commerce?
Yes, the point of sale system will have an E-commerce widget and API’s as well. It will be available for use on any website.

Customer Service

My network has been compromised, what should I do?
VegaWallet uses multi-signature technology for our wallets, also make sure you always use 2FA authorization for your account as well. If your network has been compromised please change all passwords and check to make sure all authentication processes lead to your devices and not another user.

Note: Always make sure you are accessing the real VegaWallet website and not a “scam” website clone. VegaWallet will never ask you to transfer your funds or for your password.

What should I do if my account is hacked or if someone stole my funds?
Please fill out and submit a customer support form. Please provide a detailed explanation on how the hack happened, blockchain links of all wallets involved, and a signed NDA agreeing to obey non-disclosure standards for our platform. If applicable VegaWallet will work with local law enforcement, however a police report must be filed within 24 hours of the original transaction.

Does VegaWallet have impersonators online I should be worried about?
All digital asset companies now deal with scammers and hackers on a daily basis. This not only affects our company but our users. Support will never ask for information through any other platform but our own. No support will be given over Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or any other social media channel.

Note: Always make sure you are talking to a real VegaWallet representative from VegaWallet.com. As mentioned before VegaWallet will never ask users to transfer money or digital assets for any reason.

What’s the best way to secure my VegaWallet account?
Users should always use a unique email for our platform that isn’t made public. Always enable 2FA on your account and follow the procedures marked out on your screen. Users should also always secure their phone and computers with passcodes and the latest anti-virus software. VegaWallet does our part in ensuring your funds remain safe. However if users display noticeable negligence we cannot promise that funds will remain safe.

I am having trouble using VegaWallet. What should i do?
Please fill out and submit a customer support form. Or call customer support.

I would like to provide feedback, what should I do?
Please fill out and submit a feedback survey form on the Contact page.

Where do I download the applications?
You can access our exchange at VegaWallet.io or download our application on Google Play and the App Store.