Top Notch Security

Advanced military grade security paired with BitGo multi-signature implementation create the most secure environment for trading.

Trading Engine

Fast and scalable trading engine designed to provide real-time execution of buy and sell orders.


Increased listings provide more tokens to trade. We also provide advanced trading API's with links to arbitrage services and liquidity partners


Standard fees of 0.1% with a reduced fee of 0.05% while trading in the VGW token trading pairs.


We provide continuous customer support on all of our products through telegram chat and email!


Users can pair your external VegaWallet applications to our exchange to provide another secure method of storage.

Trade Anywhere Using Your Phone Or IPad

More Details Coming Soon!

Introducing "Trade Link"

Tired of constantly tracking down the deposit address to each of your exchange accounts when it's time to make a trade? Trade link allows you to save deposit addresses straight to your wallet! Next time it's time to make a trade just click sends funds and you're ready!

Download our desktop wallet for off-exchange asset storage today!

Note: Please ensure exchange does not use rotating addresses.