The #DashOnVegaWallet Design Contest

To celebrate our new partnership, Dash and VegaWallet are hosting a design contest. Participants from all communities will be invited to design a new wallet theme for the Dash themed VegaWallet. The winner will be chosen from a panel of judges from both organizations and will receive the opportunity to have his or her design featured as a permanent theme option in the upcoming desktop wallet update. Currently, the desktop wallet is still in beta, but it is downloadable on VegaWallet’s website, For more information on the contest, follow @VegaWallet and @Dashpay on Twitter for updates.

The VegaWallet Desktop Wallet gives the users the ability to choose different themes based on their preferences. All background images should be submitted on twitter by uploading your image and hash-tagging #DashOnVegaWallet. Your theme dimensions should be as close to our specified resolution of 1920 x 1146 as possible for the best results!

You can view the official contest rules here